MicroencapsulationR.T. Dodge Co.

With a fully functional laboratory & pilot plant, a strong technical base, and the utilization of numerous technologies & methods, we can take your vision from concept to reality. The services offered by Dodge incorporate three basic areas: Exploratory Analysis, Engineering Trials and Manufacturing Services.

Exploratory Analysis is a three part system, and is provided at no charge:

Step 1

We request that the application data sheet be completed and submitted electronically (we will also accept a facsimile copy and/or telephone conversation). The information provided to us may be enough to generate you a feasibility report as described in step 3. If we need more data or information, we may request a MSDS and/or proceed to step 2.

Step 2

In the event that we cannot make an adequate determination based on the application data sheet, we may request that you forward us your core/active material for analysis. Our analysis consists of putting the supplied material through a series of proprietary tests to verify if it can be microencapsulated. Even though we do not conduct an actual encapsulation, our tests provide us with enough information to generate a feasibility report for your review.

Step 3

The feasibility report delineates our professional opinion based on the project's specifications. The report will be communicated to you, in confidence, as an informal e-mail or a formal quotation. The report may include the possible process and/or microencapsulation procedure, but it will not include our specific analytical findings.

  Engineering Trials are conducted in response to the Exploratory Analysis:

Our Engineering Trials are prepared on a custom basis to meet each client's specifications and vision. Dodge's Engineering Trials are fee based and stated in either a quotation or price sheet.

Dodge's Engineering Trial "free sampling" policy:

Due to the initial outlay of costs, efforts and time involved, we cannot provide our full Engineering Trials free of charge.

In those rare cases that we may have a product retain that meets your particular specifications, we can forward a small quantity to you at no cost. We do, however, request your preferred carriers account number to expedite shipping. We will not forward any retain that contains another client's proprietary materials.

If the product retain does not meet your specifications or is insufficient in quantity, a new Engineering Trial will have to be conducted and purchased. It is not Dodge's policy to prepare any Engineering Trial free of charge.


  Manufacturing Services:

The heart of Dodge's business is its ability to manufacture microcapsules on a large scale. We are experienced in handling products from exploratory vision, to pilot scale-up, and then to full-scale manufacturing economically and efficiently. Our manufacturing team is known for producing high-quality results in single applications or repeated product runs.